childhood icons

What are the icons of your childhood? Mine are a hand, a bridge, a porpoise, and a bonnet. I’ll leave the bonnet for another time, and take a moment to revisit the former. Here’s a hand–my hand. And a symbol of where I grew up. In fact, I grew up here, where my finger is […]

one of a kind

“These kids are like snowflakes,” she said. “Each one is unique.” That’s what the foster care recruiter told us last fall while sitting at our dining room table. She admitted to making generalities, but then a kid comes along who is totally outside the norm, and it brings her back to snowflakes. But still, in […]

lessons beyond the Y

Like many lunch hours, I spent my time today at the Downtown YMCA in yoga class. It was my teacher’s last day. And as I bent, twisted, and bound, I thought about all he’s taught me over the past five years I’ve participated in the class. Make it your own practice These are the words […]