nicaragua–fresh air!

Rolling our baggage out of the Managua airport, my daughter squeaked, “I smell fresh air.” My son spun his arms around in a helicopter motion and cooed, “it’s so warm.” They were both intoxicated by the heat, too little sleep and on the brink of a breakdown. They went to bed at 10pm–Houston time–after a great reunion with second cousins. They woke at 5:45am and were whisked into a shuttle headed back to the airport for our journey’s second leg.

The breakdown happened about five minutes outside of Managua; one was car sick and one escalated. The good news is that the dry-heaving and “I’m not tired” cries only lasted a few more minutes. Soon the kids started snoring–one on each of my shoulders. The driver and my husband knew about equal amounts of the other’s language. They bantered back and forth, skipping between Spanish and English, and hoping there would be sufficient cognates to move the conversation along.

After a long day, we are now in our hotel (Casa del Agua), waiting for the kids to begin snoring once again. It’s getting later and later, and I think the heat, too much tiredness and the excitement of being here is making both kids restless. One just said it feels like a thousand degrees, even with the fan on. Right outside our room is the courtyard with the pool (which we enjoyed earlier today), a shared kitchen and a surprising number of visitors from the Pacific Northwest.

I’m looking forwards to the days ahead…


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