nicaragua–beautiful day

At 7:30 am this morning my son walked into the hotel courtyard, looked at the brilliant blue sky, and declared that it was the most beautiful weather ever. It was beautiful weather–about mid-70s and very little humidity. His proclamation occurred just after daybreak and the fact was, and is, that it can also be beautiful at any time of the day, it’s just gets really, really hot.

By 8:30 this morning my daughter’s little nose and upper lip were covered with beads of sweat. We ate breakfast, returned to the hotel and were in the pool by 9 am.
On the way back from breakfast, my son saw a street vendor selling small painted birds. “No gracias,” was my knee-jerk reaction when the vendor gestured to me. “There was a cardinal and a blue bird,” he said. “Yup,” I replied. But my son is a rule follower, and his Nana had told him he should buy something for himself. Just before leaving Olympia she gave both kids $20 with strict instructions on how to spend it: 1) something for yourself, 2) something for someone else, 3) something to eat and 4) something to do. Luckily, when we ventured out again at 11 we were able to find the same woman in the pink shirt with the birds. My son was pleased.
After several more dunks in the pool we left for a horse drawn buggy ride around the city, then dinner. The kids were great at dinner; first, intent on coloring their new activity books, and then engaged in our dinner conversation. Each of us took turns sharing our favorite part of the day.
  • My daughter: the carriage ride. Maybe it was her Cinderella moment or maybe she liked it for some other reason, but while galloping through the city she couldn’t express her gratitude enough. “This is the best ever,” she’d repeat. “Thank you.”
  • Dad: time alone with the kids playing in the plaza.
  • My son: 1) buying the bird, 2) swimming, and 3) can’t remember the third one.
  • Me: the dinner conversation.
Then we went home, took another swim, and went to bed. It was a beautiful day.



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