nicaragua–a 4-year old’s view

What’s Granada and the surrounding area look like from three feet above the ground? What are the vacation highlights when you are four-years old?

The three-foot tall perspective of Granada is all about 1) jumping off stairs, 2) shapes, 3) carriages.

The stairs leading to each entryway along the busiest streets of Granada fold over onto the elevated tile sidewalks. My daughter doesn’t see a sidewalk, she sees an obstacle course. She makes a point to walk up each step that leads to a private residence, restaurant or hotel, then jump down. She does this at every door step as we go through town. Doorsteps can be frequent; it makes for slow walking and more looking around for mom.

She’s also taken note of the many shapes along the sidewalks. The tiles are squares. Utility covers are oval. Various steps are rectangular. Occasionally a decorative tile is in the shape of a circle or possibly a diamond. How many other shapes do you see?

When different colored square tiles are intermixed they can also become hopscotch courses. “Wait, wait mom.” I wait. Hop, hop, hop…

Oh, and on Sundays, the horse buggies have bright colored bows. “A special one,” she yells. They go by every three to five minutes. “Another one! Look a special one!”


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