nicaragua–isla de ometepe

On the Island of Ometepe, our favorite joke is, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” There are lots of chickens hanging around the road here and when we see one cross we ask that question. My four-year old had the smartest answer yesterday when she said, “To get to the shade.”

There are also lots of cows herding down the road; hundreds of birds flying overhead–my six-year old spotted kingfishers, cranes and some sort of frigate; and various types of geckos scurrying along the ground. A big hairy spider was discovered in our bathroom (I mean really big) and a large cricket-type-thing tried to shack-up in our cabana last night (we set it free outside). We went to a natural spring swimming hole called El Ojo de Agua. My son spent most the time underwater with this his goggles spotting a reported 100 fish. Oh, and we heard howler monkeys roar like lions on our walk this morning at Charco Verde. IMG_5528

We’re staying in a cabana in Santa Cruz, Hotel Finca del Sol. The owners thoughtfully built each cabana with an emphasis on representing their own artistic qualities and craftsmanship of the area, while preserving the environment with eco-friendly touches like solar and composting toilets. It’s wonderful.

Around 4am the roosters start crowing. Our little roosters wake shortly thereafter and make noise until our cabin is fully awake by 5 or 5:30. The sun rises around 6am.


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