ready, set, read!

School is out and summer is here! That means my family will be going on lots of getaways and fun-filled days at summer camp. In the midst of our tiredness and fatigue, I also want to make sure summer reading activities are a deliberate part of our days and weeks ahead.

Throughout the school year, my kid went to the school library every Tuesday to check out new books–two per student. This was a great way to engage in fresh reading material, understand how libraries are organized, and strive to make it through the books and turn them in for new ones the next week.

I liked this ritual during the school year and think we’ll try to add going to the public library into our routine this summer. Hours for each of the 27 library locations vary. The Olympia branch is open until 8pm Monday and Tuesday, and 7pm Wednesday and Thursday. This means even families with parents who work a traditional workweek can squeeze it into their summer schedule. Hours for other locations are posted online. Check it out here:


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