old school pizzeria–like chuck e cheese’s, just different

My son just turned seven. Since his favorite food is pizza and one of his favorite past-times is video games, he knew just the place he wanted to go.

Sounds like Chuck E Cheese’s, right? No. It’s Olympia’s own Old School Pizzeria. My friend and I joked about the two places–same formula (pizza and games), but crazy different atmospheres.

Old School Pizzeria is an old-school Olympia establishment. It’s been around for years providing slices to young hipsters, burnt-out hippies, Oly yuppies, conservative lobbyists, as well as any other hungry customer that comes through the door. The interior looks like the owners cleaned out their 1980s teen bedrooms and pinned-up every magazine centerfold they had (well, maybe not every centerfold). There is Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Yoda, E.T., just to name a few. Last time I was in there a couple walked in and marveled, “Wow, it looks like 1982 just stopped right here.”

The night of the birthday party, about 10 of us sat at the large table towards the back–right next to the pinball tables and arcade games. Everyone brought quarters, ate the yummy pizza, and adults got to drink good beer. Kind of like Chuck E Cheese’s, only a whole lot different…a whole lot better.

Salmonberries’ Recommendations: My family is vegetarian so we always get the Princess–feta, spinach, sun dried tomatoes. Yum. My sister-in-law’s favorite is the Al Green–broccoli and ricotta (no red sauce). The Nuge has about 4-5 different types of meat, no veggies. I’ve never had it, but I’m intrigued.


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