about salmonberries blog

I love Olympia. I love the gorgeous parks both inside and outside the city limits. I dig downtown (controversies and all). I covet the proximity to remote mountain trails, the salt water of Puget Sound, the Pacific Ocean, fresh water lakes and rushing rivers. I swoon over Washington’s little towns and jump at the chance for a family getaway to one of the surrounding larger cities (Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland).

Olympia-based adventures, and other explorations in the Pacific Northwest, is what I look forward to on a daily basis. I have two little kids (my salmonberries) and I think Oly is one of the best places that we could ever call home.

Upon meeting a total stranger in a park or hosting a guest in my home, I develop an itinerary to match all their Northwest curiosities. Undoubtedly, this wondrous spot has something for everyone. I strive to expose visitors, my kids, and myself to unique sites, flavors and experiences.

This blog focuses on the local gems Olympia and the Pacific Northwest has to offer families, while maintaining awareness that we are living on just one tiny part of the globe. The blog is biased–it reflects my personal opinions, random thoughts, ideas and stories of experiences with my family. It’s intended to help locals and visitors discover obscure places, partake in good finds, spark new interests, and explore.


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