world cup takes center stage

There has been much ado about the World Cup in my house the last few weeks. For the young and old, Brazil is on the brain and brackets lace the fridge. As a parent, here are a few things I can appreciate about the soccer state-of-mind that is consuming our house these days:

1. The international parade of soccer jerseys at summer camp.

2. The intensity of each match. “Oh, I’m scared…I’m scared,” my son cowers behind the couch when Chile and Brazil go to penalty kicks. Fathers and friends debating who should have won the Netherlands/Mexico match.

3. US performance beyond expectations…and let’s hope the good juju continues.

4. Global awareness. It’s not too often we speak of Algeria, the Netherlands, Greece, or Columbia in a single day. We get to reference the heritage of people we know, history, current news, and past and future travel.

5. Putting math skills to good use by counting bracket points.


Sunday, July 13 update: World Cup finals are today and the tallying is complete! If Argentina wins, Dad’s bracket wins. If Germany wins, grandpa ties with Dad.


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