summer reading program–good deal guru

I’m surrounded by a few top-notch deal-finding gurus. These folks can sniff out a smart buy or good deal from a great distance. All their savvy finds made me want to put together a “good-deal guru” category on this blog to spread the news. (I’ll reiterate, it’s generally someone else’s find…not mine).

Yesterday, my mom emailed me. “Remember to pick up your coupon for Northwest Trek or the Point Defiance Zoo.” (She’s one of the gurus). What she’s referring to is Timberland Regional Library’s incentive to get kids involved with their summer reading program. Each week the library offers a different coupon or free pass to places like the Hands On Museum, Orca Books, Bonjour Cupcakes or the County Fair. All great Oly-area attractions or stores.

Luckily, I have a husband who is also a deal-finder extraordinaire. Upon returning home from work, this week’s coupons were already on the kitchen counter.

Salmonberries note: A few weeks ago, I wrote about my intentions to be disciplined about a summer reading routine, including family visits to the library. While we may not be charging ahead at full-steam, our reading program is indeed chugging along. Maybe a trip to the zoo is just the carrot that’s needed.


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