beating the heat at burfoot

Late yesterday afternoon a friend suggested we meet at Burfoot Park. Ah, wonderful idea! I’d been at work, inside, for hours and I could tell it was sweltering hot outside. Well, sweltering hot for the Pacific Northeast.

At five o’clock the temperature gauge on the car read 82 degrees. And while that may be any old average summer day in many areas of the country, those of us who’ve acclimated to this temperate climate frankly begin to wilt when the temperature rises above 75.

So fast forward to the the park, which is north of Olympia toward Boston Harbor. To get to the beach, you need to drive to the opposite end of the park, then head down one of several walking trails. On the drive there, I was both pleased and annoyed by this. I was pleased that Burfoot is yet another Olympia-area park that offers beautiful trails. I was annoyed that there was a trail standing between my family and the beach! Did I not just mention sweltering Pacific Northwest heat?

But the minute we began the trek, life was calmer, cooler. When we approached the beach, the kids started to run–the finish line was in reach.

Burfoot has just over 1,000 feet of shoreline. There is sand, rocks, seashells, drift wood, and it offers a nice view of Budd Inlet. We beat the heat by wading in salty Puget Sound, chatting, eating our picnic dinner, and watching the sun sink lower in the sky.


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