lakefair–carnies take the town

On Monday, semi trucks pulled up on the lawn at Capitol Lake Park. By Tuesday, trailers had morphed into rides and carnival stands. When Wednesday came, the lights turned on, the music boomed, and people screamed as they hung upside down from the high-in-the-air spin-around machines.

On the way to and from preschool and camp, the kids saw first-hand the transformation from park lawn to carnival spectacular, from brownish-green grass to glittering waves of color. They couldn’t hold back anymore. We want to go to Lakefair, they lobbied. Without a firm answer yes or no, they persisted, Pleeeeaaaassse?

We, the parents, had to laugh — Lakefair had never been our thing. But people were flocking, and the kids were determined to join the crowd. They needed to see the extravaganza for themselves.

So off we went. The kids were awe-struck. First, the Ferris wheel, then the kiddy rides. It was colorful. It was bustling. It was fun.


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