the summer’s bounty

It’s that time of the summer when there is an abundance of fresh vegetables and herbs in and around my house. Zucchini from the farm share are stacked in the fridge. There are also two heads of lettuce hanging over the shelf; chard, kohlrabi, carrots, beets filling up the crisper drawer. Ah, summer is defiantly in full swing.

This is also the time of year when the novelty of eating a salad with three or more types of leaves wears off. Whereas at the beginning of the summer I happily accepted the challenge of conquering those mighty greens, I now want to cry uncle. That’s why when someone at work mentioned how nice it’d be to have a fresh zucchini, I couldn’t help but laugh. And when my sister-in-law sent a text, “Lots of lettuce in the garden, need any?” I couldn’t muster a response.

For the sake of pleasing my taste buds and saving those aging veggies and bolting herbs, I realized the kids and I needed to get creative. Out came the Cuisinart! My daughter made a traditional basil and parsley pesto for a birthday feast this coming weekend. My son tackled the zucchini and chard. Call it pesto or call it salsa, he blended an array of items together for a surprisingly tasty and refreshing concoction.




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