the sweet taste of chile

I have a friend who once told me that she likes to eat dessert before dinner. But indulgence before the work is complete has never been my style. It actually seems harder because the tough stuff hangs over my shoulder while I’m trying to enjoy the fun. So when faced with several difficult travel decisions regarding our Chilean travels, my husband and I chose the save-dessert-for-later approach.

After nearly a day of air travel between Seattle and Santiago (an unavoidably long trip) we figured everyone would be tired. Therefore, rather than waste the day recuperating in a Santiago hotel room, we opted to catch a six-hour bus ride north to La Serena. Throughout the trip, the plan is to continue to work our way north by bus, then fly back down to Santiago two days before returning home.

The plan worked! Tired from the red eye the night before the kids slept great on the bus. Once in La Serena, our host family from ten years prior picked us up and once again welcomed us into their home–this time with two kids.

The bantering in Castellano promptly began. They served the kids postre and the adults pisco sour. We all shared presents, laughing about the Washington State tea towel we already gave them a few years ago and marveling over the kids’ enthusiasm for the gifts they received. We ate a fine Chilean dinner of stew and salad–with flavors I had not tasted in a decade. We drank Chilean wine. Then, finished up with chocolates from Seattle and the south of Chile.

Ah–at last–with 30+ hours of travel behind us, I look forward to the two weeks of Chile ahead. It will be just like a whole lot of dessert.


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