autumn in the air

Autumn is no longer settling in–it is upon us, it is here. It wasn’t a rain storm that made me realize this, nor the fact that we are already into the third day of October. It was the convergence of several events that made me feel what I was previously only tracking by ticking off days on the calendar.

I would be surprised to find a human being in all of Olympia who could claim that the weather today is anything but remarkable. But the morning was downright cold. After a controversial household conversation about whether or not it would be too cold to wear shorts to school, my son grabbed the iPad to prove to me that the forecast called for sun and a high of 75. His body was warm enough, he insisted. It was his feet that were ice cubes.

He and I walked to school and I helped out in his class, writers workshop. He wrote about those ice cubes when he described his dwelling and how it makes him feel. He also wrote his opinion about what he believes the world needs more of in order to be a better place. For him, the answer was a no-brainer: soccer.

Next stop, the YMCA for noon yoga. People began to fill the room and limber up. “Are you ready for Arts Walk?” I asked the guy across from me. Whereas many people actually sell things at Arts Walk, this guy performs that he’s selling things like sticks or combs (it’s actually quite an attraction). Almost ready, was his answer. He told me that with so much anticipation for a single day, it was best not to rush to the finish line; better to take some time out for yoga.

While in shavasana, I did what I always do…think. And this is when the upwelling occurred. All these fall traditions–like Arts Walk and soccer games–and all the fall routines–like settling into school and putting slippers on in the morning–coupled with the crisp morning air and the changing leaves, mean that real transition is upon us. It doesn’t matter that it is October 3. Today just feels like fall.


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