winter’s theme

Dap. Da-bop-a-bop.

The raindrops fall inside the metal gutter outside my bedroom window, sending a message that there is no reason to get out of bed anytime soon. It’s cozy under the heap of blankets and the bed molded to my body hours ago. I heard the coffee maker beep. The kids’ chatter spills through the crack under the door.

This is winter: rain falling, dark skies, cool air. It’s the season of snuggling in. Unlike the summer months when the sun’s rays called me from my resting spot, winter’s darkness urges me to nestle in.

And so I will… My winter theme will be finding places to cozy up. Beside a fireplace, I’ll appreciate the rain’s chords played against aluminum gutters, the cold air passing through windows, and the peaceful pastime of cards, books, and conversation. I’ll search for places to nestle-in, near and far, familiar and obscure.


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