great big world

The music plays and it’s as if he’s a disc jockey. I practically hear him call out, “Mom, this song is dedicated to you.” He doesn’t really say that, but it feels like it. He re-plays the song–the third time this morning, the tenth time this week.

The beat begins. He looks at me with a smirk, then starts to dance. I swoon. His finger points in the air and rotates, sprinkler fashion. He’s practically disco dancing to this ballad. His lips pucker like he’s an Elvis wannabe, but he’s seven and doesn’t even know who Elvis is.

Dad asks if he wants to take dance lessons. He insists no, then continues to swirl and sway. Dad credits me for his affection of music played over and over. It’s true, I happen to appreciate a familiar tune. And this one, in particular, has stolen my heart.

What better theme song for me and my son? “A great big world,” by the Verve Pipe. It is a great big world…so much for us to see. We’ve been places before; scrutinized rocks on different continents, stood beneath the Pacific Northwest’s tallest trees, walked beaches in at least four different countries. We’ve explored parts of this great big world in-person, and others through our imaginations and the pages of so many books. And we’ve only just begun.

I reach for his soft hand; warm palm, thin fingers. His hand folds against mine. For the next moment, it’s just he and me in our great big world.


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