childhood icons

What are the icons of your childhood? Mine are a hand, a bridge, a porpoise, and a bonnet. I’ll leave the bonnet for another time, and take a moment to revisit the former.

Here’s a hand–my hand. And a symbol of where I grew up. In fact, I grew up here, where my finger is pointing.

I went to college a little toward the thumb.

And I recently took my kids to retrace nuggets of my childhood up where my two hands nearly connect.


That’s where the bridge comes in to the story. Mackinaw Bridge connects Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas. This summer, we drove over it, we sailed under it, and we looked out at it from many vistas. It is the longest suspension bridge in the United States, and every time I see it, I get excited.

And then there is the porpoise, the figurehead of my dad’s boat. The boat was constructed in our home driveway, launched when I was five, and served as our travel companion every summer. Such an amazing moment to revisit this icon, with my children, and watch them explore days on the water along side the breeching porpoise.



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