santa’s visit

“Does Santa come in your country?” I asked about a month ago.

“Yes, but only to the rich families,” she explained.

This evening, that interchange rang through my head as I wrapped presents. My husband and I had sorted them on the floor. They were laid out in three row, three columns.

And this is when my mind skipped to the neighborhood Christmas party the other night. “How many kids to you have?” a neighbor asked.

“Two,” I answered. I quickly correctly myself, “Three.”

She gave me a strange look. I’m pretty sure she was thinking, “Really, you just forgot how many kids you have?”

My cheeks turned red. My husband slid his hand on top of my mine and took control of the conversation. “We have three kids,” he said firmly. There were no more questions.

And we do…

Tonight there are three rows and three columns to our Christmas sorting. The kids — yes, all three kids–are at the grandparents’ house, so we take advantage of the opportunity to spread out all these Christmas secrets.

Our floor is practically an Excel table, there is such lovely order. Each kid makes up a column. The rows are organized accordingly: 1) Stocking stuffers, 2) Presents from Santa, 3) Presents from mom and dad.

I’ve never been a parent so concerned with being fair. But this year, in this family, Santa will have no regard for rich or poor. Each child will have plenty…as they always do. And the richest gift given will be our love.


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