junior ranger

“What do you smell?” I read the first question to my five-year old daughter. She took a deep breath and paused. “I smell fresh air.” “What do you see?” “All that water,” she responded. We were at the southern tip of Point Loma, Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego, and she was completing activities in […]

parade of lights

Even though it was only shortly after six o’clock in the evening, the journey to my brother’s sailboat felt slightly absurd. In summer months, with the sun blazing, it would hardly feel like evening at this hour. But on this December day–just a couple weeks before the solstice–we walked to the end of the Boston […]

the summer’s bounty

It’s that time of the summer when there is an abundance of fresh vegetables and herbs in and around my house. Zucchini from the farm share are stacked in the fridge. There are also two heads of lettuce hanging over the shelf; chard, kohlrabi, carrots, beets filling up the crisper drawer. Ah, summer is defiantly […]

thurston county fair

I don’t often hear my mom reminisce about her childhood, but while we were walking into the Thurston County Fair this past weekend she indulged for a brief moment. She wasn’t loud, nor was she boastful. In fact, if I hadn’t been walking right next to her, and had I not stopped to look at […]