lessons beyond the Y

Like many lunch hours, I spent my time today at the Downtown YMCA in yoga class. It was my teacher’s last day. And as I bent, twisted, and bound, I thought about all he’s taught me over the past five years I’ve participated in the class. Make it your own practice These are the words […]

parade of lights

Even though it was only shortly after six o’clock in the evening, the journey to my brother’s sailboat felt slightly absurd. In summer months, with the sun blazing, it would hardly feel like evening at this hour. But on this December day–just a couple weeks before the solstice–we walked to the end of the Boston […]

racing colors

“And they’re off! The yellow one is in the lead; it rounds the bend. The orange one is lagging behind; still lagging, lagging. Oh, but look at that…the yellow one is caught in a current and moving towards the bank. The orange one is catching up. It looks like it’s going to pass–it does! Orange […]

berry season

While riding our bikes to a freind’s BBQ, I made a promise to my son: we could pick blackberries from the bramble along side Capitol Boulevard on the return trip. It was hot and we were running late…I didn’t want to lose momentum. He was on to me though; he knows my tactic of pushing […]

beating the heat at burfoot

Late yesterday afternoon a friend suggested we meet at Burfoot Park. Ah, wonderful idea! I’d been at work, inside, for hours and I could tell it was sweltering hot outside. Well, sweltering hot for the Pacific Northeast. At five o’clock the temperature gauge on the car read 82 degrees. And while that may be any […]