one of a kind

“These kids are like snowflakes,” she said. “Each one is unique.” That’s what the foster care recruiter told us last fall while sitting at our dining room table. She admitted to making generalities, but then a kid comes along who is totally outside the norm, and it brings her back to snowflakes. But still, in […]

when in chile

When in Chile, we don’t have restrictions on cookies and other treats. Tia Patty tells my son to take as many cookies as he’d like. With one already in hand, he looks at dad for approval, “Can I have another?” Tia Patty answers for dad, “Of course you can! Take all you want…you are in […]

parque brasil

Parque Brasil is one of the stops I wanted the family to make on our nostalgic trip to Antofagasta. A decade ago, my husband and I ate French fries with mayonnaise under the red and yellow umbrellas at the rickety refreshment stand. On my return tour, I was hoping to enjoy those very mediocre papas […]

leaving la serena

On our first morning in La Serena, my daughter opened her eyes and said, “This is going to be the bestest day ever.” We had plans to go to the beach and fly the kites Jorge bought before our arrival. At breakfast, about an hour later, Jorge looked out the window and said, “Está lloviendo. […]