surprises on orcas island

I’ve traveled to the San Juan Islands on several occasions. Some trips have been good, some have been great; however, I recently returned from a trip that topped them all. There was an element of surprise on this trip to Orcas Island, and the result was a fantastic family getaway weekend.¬† From bees to bears […]

a walk down shady lane

The canopy over Shady Lane is dense. The trail is lined with Douglas-firs and hemlocks that are far older than any relative I could ever trace back to on a family tree. The behemoth trunks rise up, giving life to an ecosystem high above our heads. Branches extend in all directions; some bearing fresh needles […]

national parks–celebrating the fourth

This Fourth of July, we’ll celebrate by exploring one of Washington’s great parks. Not necessarily the kind with a slide and swings, but one with hiking trails, rushing¬†rivers and mountains. In 2009, Ken Burns called his documentary series about the US National Parks “America’s best idea.” A good idea, indeed. These parks represent our country’s […]