the summer’s bounty

It’s that time of the summer when there is an abundance of fresh vegetables and herbs in and around my house. Zucchini from the farm share are stacked in the fridge. There are also two heads of lettuce hanging over the shelf; chard, kohlrabi, carrots, beets filling up the crisper drawer. Ah, summer is defiantly […]

berry season

While riding our bikes to a freind’s BBQ, I made a promise to my son: we could pick blackberries from the bramble along side Capitol Boulevard on the return trip. It was hot and we were running late…I didn’t want to lose momentum. He was on to me though; he knows my tactic of pushing […]

the farm share has arrived!

Today I picked up our weekly farm share box (it’s week #2). The kids came into the community pickup site, a neighborhood garage, to help me transfer the bounty to bags. Upon seeing the succulent strawberries at the bottom of the box, they grabbed the carton and headed back for the car. “Hey, don’t you […]