junior ranger

“What do you smell?” I read the first question to my five-year old daughter. She took a deep breath and paused. “I smell fresh air.” “What do you see?” “All that water,” she responded. We were at the southern tip of Point Loma, Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego, and she was completing activities in […]

all I want for christmas

A long time ago, Christmas was about giving gifts, not just receiving them. That’s what I told my son a few weeks ago while tucking him into bed. Whether or not this is accurate, my purpose was to turn the conversation away from “I want” and focus a bit more on gathering, creating, and giving. […]

yuletide finds

I get excited about a good deal; especially when I come across a good deal for a quality item and the purchase supports our local community. So–in the holiday spirit–here are a few of my most coveted Yuletide finds. Cutting out the work of cutout sugar cookies A little while ago, 8 Arms Community Bakery […]

parade of lights

Even though it was only shortly after six o’clock in the evening, the journey to my brother’s sailboat felt slightly absurd. In summer months, with the sun blazing, it would hardly feel like evening at this hour. But on this December day–just a couple weeks before the solstice–we walked to the end of the Boston […]